Commit 4038c7a2 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Auto-commit of loaddefs files.

parent f32203e1
......@@ -4707,7 +4707,7 @@ If prefix argument REVERSE is non-nil, sorts in reverse order.
;;;### (autoloads (rmail-summary-by-senders rmail-summary-by-topic
;;;;;; rmail-summary-by-regexp rmail-summary-by-recipients rmail-summary-by-labels
;;;;;; rmail-summary) "rmailsum" "rmailsum.el" "6cafe6b03e187b5836e3c359322b5cbf")
;;;;;; rmail-summary) "rmailsum" "rmailsum.el" "856fc6e337d5398b302c448ee7a2315e")
;;; Generated autoloads from rmailsum.el
(autoload 'rmail-summary "rmailsum" "\
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