Commit 40417cb3 authored by Fabián Ezequiel Gallina's avatar Fabián Ezequiel Gallina Committed by Fabián Ezequiel Gallina
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Enhancements on `python-shell-calculate-process-environment' and `python-shell-calculate-exec-path'

Removed functions:
 + python-util-merge
parent fc6c545e
......@@ -1231,27 +1231,24 @@ uniqueness for different types of configurations."
(defun python-shell-calculate-process-environment ()
"Calculate process environment given `python-shell-virtualenv-path'."
(let ((env (python-util-merge 'list python-shell-process-environment
process-environment 'string=))
(let ((process-environment (append
process-environment nil))
(virtualenv (if python-shell-virtualenv-path
(directory-file-name python-shell-virtualenv-path)
(if (not virtualenv)
(dolist (envvar env)
(let* ((split (split-string envvar "=" t))
(name (nth 0 split))
(value (nth 1 split)))
(when (not (string= name "PYTHONHOME"))
(when (string= name "PATH")
(setq value (format "%s/bin:%s" virtualenv value)))
(setq env (cons (format "%s=%s" name value) env)))))
(cons (format "VIRTUAL_ENV=%s" virtualenv) env))))
(setenv "PYTHONHOME" nil)
(setenv "PATH" (format "%s/bin%s%s"
virtualenv path-separator (getenv "PATH")))
(setenv "VIRTUAL_ENV" virtualenv))
(defun python-shell-calculate-exec-path ()
"Calculate exec path given `python-shell-virtualenv-path'."
(let ((path (python-util-merge 'list python-shell-exec-path
exec-path 'string=)))
(let ((path (append python-shell-exec-path
exec-path nil)))
(if (not python-shell-virtualenv-path)
(cons (format "%s/bin"
......@@ -2471,19 +2468,6 @@ The type returned can be 'comment, 'string or 'paren."
;;; Utility functions
;; Stolen from GNUS
(defun python-util-merge (type list1 list2 pred)
"Destructively merge lists to produce a new one.
Argument TYPE is for compatibility and ignored. LIST1 and LIST2
are the list to be merged. Ordering of the elements is preserved
according to PRED, a `less-than' predicate on the elements."
(let ((res nil))
(while (and list1 list2)
(if (funcall pred (car list2) (car list1))
(push (pop list2) res)
(push (pop list1) res)))
(nconc (nreverse res) list1 list2)))
(defun python-util-position (item seq)
"Find the first occurrence of ITEM in SEQ.
Return the index of the matching item, or nil if not found."
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