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......@@ -11,6 +11,28 @@ are implemented by general-purpose libraries that always handle
customization this way. This appendix describes the X resources
that Emacs recognizes and what they mean.
One way to experiment with the effect of different resource settings
is to use the @code{editres} program. Select @samp{Get Tree} from the
@samp{Commands} menu, then click on an Emacs frame. This will display
a tree showing the structure of X toolkit widgets used in an Emacs
frame. Select one of them, such as @samp{menubar}, then select
@samp{Show Resource Box form the @samp{Commands} menu. This displays
a list of all the meaningful X resources and allows you to edit them.
Changes take effect immediately if you click on the @samp{Apply} button.
* Display X:: Changing the default display and using remote login.
* Font X:: Choosing a font for text, under X.
* Colors X:: Choosing colors, under X.
* Window Size X:: Start-up window size, under X.
* Borders X:: Internal and external borders, under X.
* Title X:: Specifying the initial frame's title.
* Icons X:: Choosing what sort of icon to use, under X.
* Resources X:: Advanced use of classes and resources, under X.
* Lucid Resources:: X resources for Lucid menus.
* LessTif Resources:: X resources for LessTif and Motif menus.
@end menu
@node Display X
@appendixsec Specifying the Display Name
@cindex display name (X Window System)
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