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(List Buffers, Several Buffers): Document that internal buffers are

omitted from the list.
(Several Buffers): Document buffer-menu-other-window.
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......@@ -172,6 +172,9 @@ directory @file{/u2/emacs/man/}. You can list only buffers that are
visiting files by giving the command a prefix; for instance, by typing
@kbd{C-u C-x C-b}.
@code{list-buffers} omits buffers whose name begins with a blank,
unless they visit files: such buffers are used internally by Emacs.
@need 2000
@node Misc Buffer
@section Miscellaneous Buffer Operations
......@@ -316,10 +319,15 @@ them.
@table @kbd
@item M-x buffer-menu
Begin editing a buffer listing all Emacs buffers.
@item M-x buffer-menu-other-window.
Similar, but do it in another window.
@end table
@findex buffer-menu
The command @code{buffer-menu} writes a list of all Emacs buffers into
@findex buffer-menu-other-window
The command @code{buffer-menu} writes a list of all Emacs
buffers@footnote{Buffers which don't visit files and whose names begin
with a space are omitted: these are used internally by Emacs.} into
the buffer @samp{*Buffer List*}, and selects that buffer in Buffer Menu
mode. The buffer is read-only, and can be changed only through the
special commands described in this section. The usual Emacs cursor
......@@ -420,6 +428,10 @@ created, deleted or renamed buffers, the way to update @samp{*Buffer
List*} to show what you have done is to type @kbd{g}
(@code{revert-buffer}) or repeat the @code{buffer-menu} command.
The command @code{buffer-menu-other-window} works the same as
@code{buffer-menu}, except that it displays the buffers list in
another window.
@node Indirect Buffers
@section Indirect Buffers
@cindex indirect buffer
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