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(Fx_get_resource): Doc fix.

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......@@ -1416,14 +1416,14 @@ extern XrmDatabase x_load_resources ();
DEFUN ("x-get-resource", Fx_get_resource, Sx_get_resource, 2, 4, 0,
"Return the value of ATTRIBUTE, of class CLASS, from the X defaults database.\n\
This uses `NAME.ATTRIBUTE' as the key and `Emacs.CLASS' as the\n\
This uses `NAME.ATTRIBUTE' as the key and `Emacs.INSTANCE' as the\n\
class, where INSTANCE is the name under which Emacs was invoked, or\n\
the name specified by the `-name' or `-rn' command-line arguments.\n\
The optional arguments COMPONENT and SUBCLASS add to the key and the\n\
class, respectively. You must specify both of them or neither.\n\
If you specify them, the key is `NAME.COMPONENT.ATTRIBUTE'\n\
and the class is `Emacs.CLASS.SUBCLASS'.")
and the class is `Emacs.INSTANCE.SUBCLASS'.")
(attribute, class, component, subclass)
Lisp_Object attribute, class, component, subclass;
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