Commit 40ad1c0d authored by Eric Abrahamsen's avatar Eric Abrahamsen

Ensure that group names are encoded in the Gnus registry file

* lisp/gnus/gnus-registry.el (gnus-registry--munge-group-names): New
  function for either encoding names (while saving) or decoding
  them (while reading).
  (gnus-registry-fixup-registry, gnus-registry-read): Use in these two
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......@@ -264,6 +264,50 @@ This can slow pruning down. Set to nil to perform no sorting."
(cadr (assq 'creation-time r))
(cadr (assq 'creation-time l))))
;; Remove this from the save routine (and fix it to only decode) at
;; next Gnus version bump.
(defun gnus-registry--munge-group-names (db &optional encode)
"Encode/decode group names in DB, before saving or after loading.
Encode names if ENCODE is non-nil, otherwise decode."
(let ((datahash (slot-value db 'data))
(grouphash (registry-lookup-secondary db 'group))
(when (hash-table-p grouphash)
(lambda (group-name val)
(if encode
(when (multibyte-string-p group-name)
(remhash group-name grouphash)
(puthash (encode-coding-string group-name 'utf-8-emacs)
val grouphash))
(when (string-match-p "[^\000-\177]" group-name)
(remhash group-name grouphash)
(puthash (decode-coding-string group-name 'utf-8-emacs) val grouphash))))
(lambda (id data)
(let ((groups (cdr-safe (assq 'group data))))
(when (seq-some (lambda (g)
(if encode
(multibyte-string-p g)
(string-match-p "[^\000-\177]" g)))
;; Create a replacement DATA.
(push (list id (cons (cons 'group (mapcar
(lambda (g)
(if encode
g 'utf-8-emacs))
(assq-delete-all 'group data)))
(pcase-dolist (`(,id ,data) reset-pairs)
(registry-delete db (list id) nil)
(registry-insert db id data))))
(defun gnus-registry-fixup-registry (db)
(when db
(let ((old (oref db tracked)))
......@@ -281,7 +325,8 @@ This can slow pruning down. Set to nil to perform no sorting."
'(mark group keyword)))
(when (not (equal old (oref db tracked)))
(gnus-message 9 "Reindexing the Gnus registry (tracked change)")
(registry-reindex db))))
(registry-reindex db))
(gnus-registry--munge-group-names db)))
(defun gnus-registry-make-db (&optional file)
......@@ -351,14 +396,20 @@ This is not required after changing `gnus-registry-cache-file'."
(defun gnus-registry-save (&optional file db)
"Save the registry cache file."
(let ((file (or file gnus-registry-cache-file))
(db (or db gnus-registry-db)))
(let* ((file (or file gnus-registry-cache-file))
(db (or db gnus-registry-db))
(clone (clone db)))
(gnus-message 5 "Saving Gnus registry (%d entries) to %s..."
(registry-size db) file)
db gnus-registry-default-sort-function)
;; Write a clone of the database with non-ascii group names
;; encoded as 'utf-8. Let-bind `gnus-registry-db' so that
;; functions in the munging process work on our clone.
(let ((gnus-registry-db clone))
(gnus-registry--munge-group-names clone 'encode))
;; TODO: call (gnus-string-remove-all-properties v) on all elements?
(eieio-persistent-save db file)
(eieio-persistent-save clone file)
(gnus-message 5 "Saving Gnus registry (size %d) to %s...done"
(registry-size db) file)))
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