Commit 40f3f04b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(r_alloc_check): Don't check alignment of h->start.

parent 748dc60a
......@@ -1164,7 +1164,11 @@ r_alloc_check ()
assert (h->prev == ph);
assert ((POINTER) ROUNDUP (h->end) == h->end);
#if 0 /* ??? The code in ralloc.c does not really try to ensure
the heap start has any sort of alignment.
Perhaps it should. */
assert ((POINTER) MEM_ROUNDUP (h->start) == h->start);
assert ((POINTER) MEM_ROUNDUP (h->bloc_start) == h->bloc_start);
assert (h->start <= h->bloc_start && h->bloc_start <= h->end);
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