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......@@ -41,6 +41,9 @@ lacks unexec, asynchronous processes, and networking support.
* Changes in Emacs 21.1
** When visiting a file with M-x find-file-literally, no newlines will
be added to the end of the buffer because of `require-final-newline'.
** auto-compression mode is no longer enabled just by loading jka-compr.el.
To control it, set `auto-compression-mode' via Custom or use the
`auto-compression-mode' command.
2000-11-16 Gerd Moellmann <>
* files.el (basic-save-buffer): Don't add a newline if
find-file-literally is non-nil.
(find-file-literally): Extend doc string.
* sort.el (sort-columns): If sort-fold-case it non-nil, invoke
sort(1) with the `-f' argument.
......@@ -278,7 +278,8 @@ system. @xref{Frames}.
encoding or conversion, use the @kbd{M-x find-file-literally} command.
It visits a file, like @kbd{C-x C-f}, but does not do format conversion
(@pxref{Formatted Text}), character code conversion (@pxref{Coding
Systems}), or automatic uncompression (@pxref{Compressed Files}).
Systems}), or automatic uncompression (@pxref{Compressed Files}), and
does not add a final newline because of @code{require-final-newline}.
If you already have visited the same file in the usual (non-literal)
manner, this command asks you whether to visit it literally instead.
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