Commit 41cdda22 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

* etc/PROBLEMS: Document Ubuntu 16.04 issue.

parent 1c22f037
......@@ -2986,6 +2986,15 @@ as a macro. If the definition (in both unex*.c and malloc.c) is wrong,
it can cause problems like this. You might be able to find the correct
value in the man page for a.out(5).
* 'make check' failures
** emacs-module-tests fail on Ubuntu 16.04
This is due to a bug in GCC that was fixed in 2015; see
You can work around the problem by using a later version of GCC or of
Ubuntu, or by configuring without modules.
* Problems on legacy systems
This section covers bugs reported on very old hardware or software.
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