Commit 41d86b13 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Fdo_auto_save): Use the new type-test macros.

parent 35e5240a
......@@ -3774,8 +3774,7 @@ Non-nil second argument means save only current buffer.")
autosave perfectly ordinary files because it couldn't handle some
ange-ftp'd file. */
for (do_handled_files = 0; do_handled_files < 2; do_handled_files++)
for (tail = Vbuffer_alist; XGCTYPE (tail) == Lisp_Cons;
tail = XCONS (tail)->cdr)
for (tail = Vbuffer_alist; GC_CONSP (tail); tail = XCONS (tail)->cdr)
buf = XCONS (XCONS (tail)->car)->cdr;
b = XBUFFER (buf);
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