Commit 41f339d4 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(main) [WINDOWSNT]: Invoke init_ntproc.

(shut_down_emacs) [WINDOWSNT]: Invoke term_ntproc.
parent 93593876
......@@ -796,6 +796,7 @@ Usage: %s [-t term] [--terminal term] [-nw] [--no-windows] [--batch]\n\
/* Initialize environment from registry settings. */
init_environment ();
init_ntproc (); /* must precede init_editfns */
/* egetenv is a pretty low-level facility, which may get called in
......@@ -1313,6 +1314,10 @@ shut_down_emacs (sig, no_x, stuff)
unrequest_sigio ();
signal (SIGIO, SIG_IGN);
term_ntproc ();
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