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Fix instructions for MSDOG.

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......@@ -600,12 +600,7 @@ To unpack Emacs with djtar, type this command:
djtar -x emacs.tgz
(This assumes that the Emacs distribution is called `emacs.tgz' on
your system.) There are a few files in the archive whose names
collide with other files under the 8.3 DOS naming. On native MSDOS,
or if you have set LFN=n on Windows 95, djtar will ask you to supply
alternate names for these files; you can just press `Enter' when this
happens (which makes djtar skip these files) because they aren't
required for MS-DOS.
your system.)
When unpacking is done, a directory called `emacs-XX.YY' will be
created, where XX.YY is the Emacs version. To build and install
......@@ -628,8 +623,9 @@ if you run Emacs under MS Windows.
Emacs on MSDOS finds the lisp, etc and info directories by looking in
../lisp, ../etc and ../info, starting from the directory where the
Emacs executable was run from. You can override this by setting the
environment variable HOME; if you do that, the directories lisp, etc
and info are accessed as subdirectories of the HOME directory.
environment variables EMACSDATA (for the location of `etc' directory),
EMACSLOADPATH (for the location of `lisp' directory) and INFOPATH (for
the location of the `info' directory).
MSDOG is a not a multitasking operating system, so Emacs features such
as asynchronous subprocesses that depend on multitasking will not
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