Commit 42002db5 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(frame-notice-user-settings): Don't apply

default-frame-alist and initial-frame-alist to MS-DOS frames.
Call tty-handle-reverse-video, frame-set-background-mode, and
face-set-after-frame-default for non-MS-DOS frames.
parent 53990c84
......@@ -252,17 +252,35 @@ React to settings of `default-frame-alist', `initial-frame-alist' there."
(when (and frame-notice-user-settings
(null frame-initial-frame))
;; This case happens when we don't have a window system.
;; This case happens when we don't have a window system, and
;; also for MS-DOS frames.
(let ((parms (frame-parameters frame-initial-frame)))
;; Don't change the frame names.
(setq parms (delq (assq 'name parms) parms))
;; Can't modify the minibuffer parameter, so don't try.
(setq parms (delq (assq 'minibuffer parms) parms))
(modify-frame-parameters nil
(append initial-frame-alist
(if (null window-system)
(append initial-frame-alist
;; initial-frame-alist and
;; default-frame-alist were already
;; applied in pc-win.el.
(if (null window-system) ;; MS-DOS does this differently in pc-win.el
(let ((newparms (frame-parameters))
(frame (selected-frame)))
(tty-handle-reverse-video frame newparms)
;; If we changed the background color, we need to update
;; the background-mode parameter, and maybe some faces,
;; too.
(when (assq 'background-color newparms)
(unless (or (assq 'background-mode initial-frame-alist)
(assq 'background-mode default-frame-alist))
(frame-set-background-mode frame))
(face-set-after-frame-default frame))))))
;; If the initial frame is still around, apply initial-frame-alist
;; and default-frame-alist to it.
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