Commit 4200e719 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fsignal): Rename 1st arg to error_symbol.

parent 8150596a
......@@ -1094,9 +1094,9 @@ internal_condition_case (bfun, handlers, hfun)
static Lisp_Object find_handler_clause ();
DEFUN ("signal", Fsignal, Ssignal, 2, 2, 0,
"Signal an error. Args are SIGNAL-NAME, and associated DATA.\n\
"Signal an error. Args are ERROR-SYMBOL and associated DATA.\n\
This function does not return.\n\n\
A signal name is a symbol with an `error-conditions' property\n\
An error symbol is a symbol with an `error-conditions' property\n\
that is a list of condition names.\n\
A handler for any of those names will get to handle this signal.\n\
The symbol `error' should normally be one of them.\n\
......@@ -1104,8 +1104,8 @@ The symbol `error' should normally be one of them.\n\
DATA should be a list. Its elements are printed as part of the error message.\n\
If the signal is handled, DATA is made available to the handler.\n\
See also the function `condition-case'.")
(sig, data)
Lisp_Object sig, data;
(error_symbol, data)
Lisp_Object error_symbol, data;
register struct handler *allhandlers = handlerlist;
Lisp_Object conditions;
......@@ -1122,13 +1122,13 @@ See also the function `condition-case'.")
conditions = Fget (sig, Qerror_conditions);
conditions = Fget (error_symbol, Qerror_conditions);
for (; handlerlist; handlerlist = handlerlist->next)
register Lisp_Object clause;
clause = find_handler_clause (handlerlist->handler, conditions,
sig, data, &debugger_value);
error_symbol, data, &debugger_value);
#if 0 /* Most callers are not prepared to handle gc if this returns.
So, since this feature is not very useful, take it out. */
......@@ -1141,7 +1141,7 @@ See also the function `condition-case'.")
/* We can't return values to code which signalled an error, but we
can continue code which has signalled a quit. */
if (EQ (sig, Qquit))
if (EQ (error_symbol, Qquit))
return Qnil;
error ("Cannot return from the debugger in an error");
......@@ -1152,14 +1152,14 @@ See also the function `condition-case'.")
struct handler *h = handlerlist;
handlerlist = allhandlers;
unwind_to_catch (h->tag, Fcons (clause, Fcons (sig, data)));
unwind_to_catch (h->tag, Fcons (clause, Fcons (error_symbol, data)));
handlerlist = allhandlers;
/* If no handler is present now, try to run the debugger,
and if that fails, throw to top level. */
find_handler_clause (Qerror, conditions, sig, data, &debugger_value);
find_handler_clause (Qerror, conditions, error_symbol, data, &debugger_value);
Fthrow (Qtop_level, Qt);
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