Commit 423193c5 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(r_alloc_init_fd): Conditionalize on MAP_ANON.

parent 0460aa78
......@@ -13,6 +13,23 @@
2000-09-08 Dave Love <>
* s/sol2.h (REL_ALLOC_MMAP): Define.
* s/irix5-0.h (REL_ALLOC_MMAP): Likewise.
* ralloc.c: Don't include string.h (redundant).
(MAP_ANON) [REL_ALLOC_MMAP]: Ensure it's defined.
[!MAP_ANON]: Include fcntl.h.
(mmap_fd) [REL_ALLOC_MMAP]: New variable.
(r_alloc, r_re_alloc, r_alloc_free)
(mmap_enlarge, mmap_set_vars): Use it.
(r_alloc_init_fd): New function.
(__morecore) [SYSTEM_MALLOC]: Don't declare.
(r_alloc_init): Call r_alloc_init_fd. Conditionalize stuff on
malloc type.
* (allocaobj) [!SYSTEM_MALLOC && REL_ALLOC_MMAP]:
Remove vm-limit.o.
* unexelf.c (SHT_MIPS_DEBUG, HDRR) [__mips__]: Really confine last
change to __NetBSD__.
......@@ -1322,10 +1322,12 @@ void r_alloc_free P_ ((POINTER_TYPE **ptr));
r_alloc_init_fd ()
/* No anonymous mmap -- we need the file descriptor. */
mmap_fd = open ("/dev/zero", O_RDONLY);
if (mmap_fd < 0)
fatal ("cannot open /dev/zero");
/* Return a region overlapping address range START...END, or null if
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