Commit 42395763 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(select-input-method): Always set default-input-method.
Show default in the prompt only if there is one.

Handle the new rule that default-input-method is now global only.

(input-method-verbose-flag): Renamed
from input-method-tersely-flag and sense inverted.
(input-method-highlight-flag): New variable.
(toggle-input-method): Pass missing arg to read-input-method-name.
parent 0eff1f85
......@@ -455,20 +455,17 @@ If INHIBIT-NULL is non-nil, null input signals an error."
;; Actvate INPUT-METHOD.
(defun activate-input-method (input-method)
(if (and current-input-method
(not (string= current-input-method input-method)))
(if current-input-method
nil ; We have nothing to do.
(when (and current-input-method
(not (string= current-input-method input-method)))
(setq previous-input-method current-input-method)
(unless current-input-method
(let ((slot (assoc input-method input-method-alist)))
(if (null slot)
(error "Invalid input method `%s'" input-method))
(apply (nth 2 slot) input-method (nthcdr 5 slot))
(setq current-input-method input-method)
(setq current-input-method-title (nth 3 slot))
(if (not (string= default-input-method current-input-method))
(setq previous-input-method default-input-method
default-input-method current-input-method)))))
(setq current-input-method-title (nth 3 slot)))))
;; Inactivate the current input method.
(defun inactivate-input-method ()
......@@ -486,9 +483,13 @@ See also the function `register-input-method'."
(let* ((default (or previous-input-method default-input-method)))
(if (not enable-multibyte-characters)
(error "Can't activate an input method while multibyte characters are disabled"))
(list (read-input-method-name "Input method (default %s): " default t))))
(list (read-input-method-name
(if default
(format "Input method (default %s): " default)
"Input method: ")
default t))))
(activate-input-method input-method)
(setq-default default-input-method default-input-method))
(setq default-input-method input-method))
(defun toggle-input-method (&optional arg)
"Turn on or off a multilingual text input method for the current buffer.
......@@ -503,10 +504,14 @@ interactively."
(if (not enable-multibyte-characters)
(error "Can't activate any input method while multibyte characters are disabled"))
(if (or arg (not default-input-method))
(read-input-method-name "Input method (default %s): " default t)
(if (or arg (not default-input-method))
(setq default-input-method
(if default
(format "Input method (default %s): " default)
"Input method: ")
default t)))
(activate-input-method default-input-method))))
(defun describe-input-method (input-method)
"Describe the current input method."
......@@ -552,11 +557,21 @@ to be activated instead of the one selected last time."
;; Variables to control behavior of input methods. All input methods
;; should react to these variables.
(defvar input-method-tersely-flag nil
"*If this flag is non-nil, input method works rather tersely.
(defcustom input-method-verbose-flag t
"*If this flag is non-nil, input methods give extra guidance.
For instance, Quail input method does not show guidance buffer while
inputting at minibuffer if this flag is t.")
inputting at minibuffer if this flag is t."
:type 'boolean
:group 'mule)
(defcustom input-method-highlight-flag t
"*If this flag is non-nil, input methods highlight partially-entered text.
For instance, while you are in the middle of a Quail input method sequence,
the text inserted so far is temporarily underlined.
The underlining goes away when you finish or abort the input method sequence."
:type 'boolean
:group 'mule)
(defvar input-method-activate-hook nil
"Normal hook run just after an input method is activated.")
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