Commit 423cdb46 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(adjust_overlays_for_insert): New function.

(adjust_overlays_for_delete): New function.
parent 2c782c9f
......@@ -1938,6 +1938,40 @@ recenter_overlay_lists (buf, pos)
XSETFASTINT (buf->overlay_center, pos);
adjust_overlays_for_insert (pos, length)
int pos;
int length;
/* After an insertion, the lists are still sorted properly,
but we may need to update the value of the overlay center. */
if (XFASTINT (current_buffer->overlay_center) >= pos)
XSETFASTINT (current_buffer->overlay_center,
XFASTINT (current_buffer->overlay_center) + length);
adjust_overlays_for_delete (pos, length)
int pos;
int length;
if (XFASTINT (current_buffer->overlay_center) < pos)
/* The deletion was to our right. No change needed; the before- and
after-lists are still consistent. */
else if (XFASTINT (current_buffer->overlay_center) > pos + length)
/* The deletion was to our left. We need to adjust the center value
to account for the change in position, but the lists are consistent
given the new value. */
XSETFASTINT (current_buffer->overlay_center,
XFASTINT (current_buffer->overlay_center) - length);
/* We're right in the middle. There might be things on the after-list
that now belong on the before-list. Recentering will move them,
and also update the center point. */
recenter_overlay_lists (current_buffer, pos);
/* Fix up overlays that were garbled as a result of permuting markers
in the range START through END. Any overlay with at least one
endpoint in this range will need to be unlinked from the overlay
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