Commit 424e6532 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(kmacro-lambda-form, kmacro-extract-lambda): Add.

(kmacro-bind-to-key, kmacro-name-last-macro): Use kmacro-lambda-form.
parent 70e2ea11
......@@ -740,6 +740,30 @@ If kbd macro currently being defined end it before activating it."
;; letters and digits, provided that we inhibit the keymap while
;; executing the macro later on (but that's controversial...)
(defun kmacro-lambda-form (mac &optional counter format)
"Create lambda form for macro bound to symbol or key."
(if counter
(setq mac (list mac counter format)))
`(lambda (&optional arg)
"Keyboard macro."
(interactive "p")
(kmacro-exec-ring-item ',mac arg)))
(defun kmacro-extract-lambda (mac)
"Extract kmacro from a kmacro lambda form."
(and (consp mac)
(eq (car mac) 'lambda)
(setq mac (assoc 'kmacro-exec-ring-item mac))
(consp (cdr mac))
(consp (car (cdr mac)))
(consp (cdr (car (cdr mac))))
(setq mac (car (cdr (car (cdr mac)))))
(listp mac)
(= (length mac) 3)
(arrayp (car mac))
(defun kmacro-bind-to-key (arg)
"When not defining or executing a macro, offer to bind last macro to a key.
The key sequences [C-x C-k 0] through [C-x C-k 9] and [C-x C-k A]
......@@ -775,10 +799,7 @@ may be shaded by a local key binding."
(format-kbd-macro key-seq)
(define-key global-map key-seq
`(lambda (&optional arg)
"Keyboard macro."
(interactive "p")
(kmacro-exec-ring-item ',(kmacro-ring-head) arg)))
(kmacro-lambda-form (kmacro-ring-head)))
(message "Keyboard macro bound to %s" (format-kbd-macro key-seq))))))
......@@ -798,11 +819,7 @@ Such a \"function\" cannot be called from Lisp, but it is a valid editor command
(if (string-equal symbol "")
(error "No command name given"))
(fset symbol
`(lambda (&optional arg)
"Keyboard macro."
(interactive "p")
(kmacro-exec-ring-item ',(kmacro-ring-head) arg)))
(fset symbol (kmacro-lambda-form (kmacro-ring-head)))
(put symbol 'kmacro t))
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