Commit 42eabe38 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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Update autoloads

parent 8ef5a2f2
......@@ -4082,8 +4082,8 @@ true then the type of the file linked to by FILE is printed instead.
;;;### (autoloads (dired-do-relsymlink dired-jump) "dired-x" "dired-x.el"
;;;;;; "3b8851132739ab3f9054bf639873c53e")
;;;### (autoloads (dired-do-relsymlink dired-jump-other-window dired-jump)
;;;;;; "dired-x" "dired-x.el" "addd55345656d18cfd5251790a655e2c")
;;; Generated autoloads from dired-x.el
(autoload 'dired-jump "dired-x" "\
......@@ -4098,6 +4098,11 @@ move to its line in dired.
\(fn &optional OTHER-WINDOW FILE-NAME)" t nil)
(autoload 'dired-jump-other-window "dired-x" "\
Like \\[dired-jump] (`dired-jump') but in other window.
\(fn &optional FILE-NAME)" t nil)
(autoload 'dired-do-relsymlink "dired-x" "\
Relative symlink all marked (or next ARG) files into a directory.
Otherwise make a relative symbolic link to the current file.
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