Commit 43022f98 authored by Dmitry Gutov's avatar Dmitry Gutov

Ignore forward-sexp-function in js-mode indentation code

* lisp/progmodes/js.el (js--multi-line-declaration-indentation)
Bind forward-sexp-function to nil (bug#25215).
parent b19fb499
......@@ -1851,7 +1851,8 @@ nil."
"Helper function for `js--proper-indentation'.
Return the proper indentation of the current line if it belongs to a declaration
statement spanning multiple lines; otherwise, return nil."
(let (at-opening-bracket)
(let (forward-sexp-function ; Use Lisp version.
(when (not (looking-at js--declaration-keyword-re))
......@@ -1928,6 +1929,7 @@ indentation is aligned to that column."
(let ((bracket (nth 1 parse-status))
forward-sexp-function ; Use Lisp version.
(when (looking-at js--declaration-keyword-re)
(setq declaration-keyword-end (match-end 0))
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