Commit 4315204e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fcall_last_kbd_macro): Set this_command from last_command

on entry and again on exit.
parent 2d8e7e1f
......@@ -204,12 +204,22 @@ defining others, use \\[name-last-kbd-macro].")
Lisp_Object prefix;
/* Don't interfere with recognition of the previous command
from before this macro started. */
this_command = current_kboard->Vlast_command;
if (! NILP (current_kboard->defining_kbd_macro))
error ("Can't execute anonymous macro while defining one");
else if (NILP (current_kboard->Vlast_kbd_macro))
error ("No kbd macro has been defined");
Fexecute_kbd_macro (current_kboard->Vlast_kbd_macro, prefix);
/* command_loop_1 sets this to nil before it returns;
get back the last command within the macro
so that it can be last, again, after we return. */
this_command = current_kboard->Vlast_command;
return Qnil;
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