Commit 4322e608 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(distclean): Delete Makefile.c, not

(SOURCES): Corresponding changes for file renamings.
parent 66ac18ab
......@@ -976,7 +976,7 @@ clean: mostlyclean
/**/# This is used in making a distribution.
/**/# Do not use it on development directories!
distclean: clean
rm -f paths.h config.h Makefile ../etc/DOC-*
rm -f paths.h config.h Makefile Makefile.c ../etc/DOC-*
maintainer-clean: distclean
@echo "This command is intended for maintainers to use;"
@echo "it deletes files that may require special tools to rebuild."
......@@ -988,8 +988,8 @@ extraclean: distclean
/* The rule for the [sm] files has to be written a little funny to
avoid looking like a C comment to CPP. */
SOURCES = *.[ch] [sm]/?* COPYING \ README COPYING ChangeLog vms.pp-trans
SOURCES = *.[ch] [sm]/?* COPYING \ README COPYING ChangeLog vms.pp-trans
chmod u+w $(SOURCES)
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