Commit 435bc840 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fbury_buffer): If buffer is in selected window, remove it.

Otherwise, remove it from other windows.
parent e2b30772
......@@ -1534,9 +1534,6 @@ selected window if it is displayed there.")
if (NILP (buffer))
XSETBUFFER (buffer, current_buffer);
/* If we're burying the current buffer, unshow it. */
Fswitch_to_buffer (Fother_buffer (buffer, Qnil), Qnil);
......@@ -1548,6 +1545,13 @@ selected window if it is displayed there.")
buffer = buf1;
/* Unshow the buffer in the selected window, if it is there. */
if (EQ (XWINDOW (selected_window)->buffer, buffer))
Fswitch_to_buffer (Fother_buffer (buffer, Qnil), Qnil);
/* Otherwise, unshow it in other frames. */
Freplace_buffer_in_windows (buffer);
/* Move buffer to the end of the buffer list. */
register Lisp_Object aelt, link;
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