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Add a way to disable substitution of command keys in help strings

* src/keyboard.c (help_echo_substitute_command_keys): New function.
(help_echo_echo, parse_menu_item): Use it.
(syms_of_keyboard): Define Qhelp_echo_inhibit_substitution.

* doc/lispref/text.texi (Special Properties), etc/NEWS: Document
the effect of 'help-echo-inhibit-substitution'.
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......@@ -3407,7 +3407,8 @@ or shorter, higher or lower, wider or narrow, or replaced with an image.
@anchor{Text help-echo}
If text has a string as its @code{help-echo} property, then when you
move the mouse onto that text, Emacs displays that string in the echo
area, or in the tooltip window (@pxref{Tooltips}).
area, or in the tooltip window (@pxref{Tooltips}), after passing it
through @code{substitute-command-keys}.
If the value of the @code{help-echo} property is a function, that
function is called with three arguments, @var{window}, @var{object} and
......@@ -3437,6 +3438,14 @@ You can alter the way help text is displayed by setting the variable
This feature is used in the mode line and for other active text.
@item help-echo-inhibit-substitution
@cindex help-echo text, avoid command-key substitution
@kindex help-echo-inhibit-substitution @r{(text property)}
If the first character of a @code{help-echo} string has a
non-@code{nil} @code{help-echo-inhibit-substitution} property, then it
is displayed as-is by @code{show-help-function}, without being passed
through @code{substitute-command-keys}.
@item keymap
@cindex keymap of character
@kindex keymap @r{(text property)}
......@@ -3744,7 +3753,9 @@ a function called to display help strings. These may be
Items}, @pxref{Extended Menu Items}), or tool bar help strings
(@pxref{Tool Bar}). The specified function is called with one
argument, the help string to display, which is passed through
@code{substitute-command-keys} before being given to the function; see
@code{substitute-command-keys} before being given to the function,
unless the help string has a non-@code{nil}
@code{help-echo-inhibit-substitution} property on its first character; see
@ref{Keys in Documentation}. See the code of Tooltip mode
(@pxref{Tooltips,,, emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}) for an example of a
mode that uses @code{show-help-function}.
......@@ -3036,6 +3036,11 @@ in other packages are now obsolete aliases of 'xor'.
** 'define-globalized-minor-mode' now takes BODY forms.
** New text property 'help-echo-inhibit-substitution'.
Setting this on the first character of a help string disables
conversions via 'substitute-command-keys'.
* Changes in Emacs 27.1 on Non-Free Operating Systems
......@@ -2019,6 +2019,22 @@ make_ctrl_char (int c)
return c;
/* Substitute key descriptions and quotes in HELP, unless its first
character has a non-nil help-echo-inhibit-substitution property. */
static Lisp_Object
help_echo_substitute_command_keys (Lisp_Object help)
if (STRINGP (help)
&& SCHARS (help) > 0
&& !NILP (Fget_text_property (make_fixnum (0),
return help;
return Fsubstitute_command_keys (help);
/* Display the help-echo property of the character after the mouse pointer.
Either show it in the echo area, or call show-help-function to display
it by other means (maybe in a tooltip).
......@@ -2078,7 +2094,7 @@ show_help_echo (Lisp_Object help, Lisp_Object window, Lisp_Object object,
if (STRINGP (help) || NILP (help))
if (!NILP (Vshow_help_function))
call1 (Vshow_help_function, Fsubstitute_command_keys (help));
call1 (Vshow_help_function, help_echo_substitute_command_keys (help));
help_echo_showing_p = STRINGP (help);
......@@ -7670,7 +7686,7 @@ parse_menu_item (Lisp_Object item, int inmenubar)
if (CONSP (item) && STRINGP (XCAR (item)))
ASET (item_properties, ITEM_PROPERTY_HELP,
Fsubstitute_command_keys (XCAR (item)));
help_echo_substitute_command_keys (XCAR (item)));
start = item;
item = XCDR (item);
......@@ -7734,7 +7750,7 @@ parse_menu_item (Lisp_Object item, int inmenubar)
Lisp_Object help = XCAR (item);
if (STRINGP (help))
help = Fsubstitute_command_keys (help);
help = help_echo_substitute_command_keys (help);
ASET (item_properties, ITEM_PROPERTY_HELP, help);
else if (EQ (tem, QCfilter))
......@@ -11455,6 +11471,7 @@ syms_of_keyboard (void)
/* Tool-bars. */
DEFSYM (QCimage, ":image");
DEFSYM (Qhelp_echo, "help-echo");
DEFSYM (Qhelp_echo_inhibit_substitution, "help-echo-inhibit-substitution");
DEFSYM (QCrtl, ":rtl");
staticpro (&item_properties);
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