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(Variable Definitions): Document custom-reevaluate-setting.

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2008-10-19 Eli Zaretskii <>
* customize.texi (Variable Definitions): Document
2008-10-18 Martin Rudalics <>
* windows.texi (Choosing Window, Deleting Windows)
......@@ -302,6 +302,12 @@ mode (@code{eval-defun}), a special feature of @code{eval-defun}
arranges to set the variable unconditionally, without testing whether
its value is void. (The same feature applies to @code{defvar}.)
@xref{Defining Variables}.
If you put a @code{defcustom} in a file that is preloaded at dump time
(@pxref{Building Emacs}), and the standard value installed for the
variable at that time might not be correct, use
@code{custom-reevaluate-setting}, described below, to re-evaluate the
standard value during or after Emacs startup.
@end defmac
@code{defcustom} accepts the following additional keywords:
......@@ -452,6 +458,25 @@ and @code{saved-value} to record the value saved by the user with the
customization buffer. Both properties are actually lists whose car is
an expression which evaluates to the value.
@defun custom-reevaluate-setting symbol
This function re-evaluates the standard value of a user-customizable
variable declared via @code{defcustom}. (If the variable was
customized, this function re-evaluates the saved value instead.) This
is useful for customizable options that are defined before their value
could be computed correctly, such as variables defined in packages
that are loaded at dump time, but depend on the run-time information.
For example, the value could be a file whose precise name depends on
the hierarchy of files when Emacs runs, or a name of a program that
needs to be searched at run time.
The argument @var{symbol} is the symbol of the variable whose value
you want to re-evaluate.
A good place to put calls to this function is in the function
@code{command-line} that is run during startup (@pxref{Startup Summary})
or in the various hooks it calls.
@end defun
@node Customization Types
@section Customization Types
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