Commit 437ce4be authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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Merge from gnus--devo--0

Patches applied:

 * gnus--devo--0  (patch 401-403)

   - Update from CVS

parent 771f48f0
......@@ -28424,7 +28424,7 @@ Gnus will work.
Try doing an @kbd{M-x gnus-version}. If you get something that looks
like @c
@samp{Gnus v5.10.8} @c Adjust ../ if you change this line!
@samp{Gnus v5.13} @c Adjust ../ if you change this line!
you have the right files loaded. Otherwise you have some old @file{.el}
files lying around. Delete these.
......@@ -3,6 +3,20 @@
* message.el (message-check-news-body-syntax): Avoid mm-string-as-multibyte.
(message-hide-headers): Don't assume (point-min)==1.
2007-10-28 Reiner Steib <>
* message.el (message-remove-blank-cited-lines): Fix if remove is
(message-bogus-address-regexp): New variable.
(message-bogus-recipient-p): New function.
(message-check-recipients): New command.
(message-syntax-checks): Add `bogus-recipient'.
(message-fix-before-sending): Add `bogus-recipient'.
* gnus-art.el (gnus-button-mid-or-mail-heuristic-alist): Add "alpine".
(gnus-treat-emphasize, gnus-treat-body-boundary): Don't test
2007-10-28 Reiner Steib <>
* gnus.el: Bump version to Gnus v5.13.
......@@ -12,6 +26,11 @@
* nnheader.el (nnheader-uniquify-message-id): Make sure this is defined
at compile-time too.
2007-10-27 Reiner Steib <>
* gnus-msg.el (gnus-message-setup-hook): Add
`message-remove-blank-cited-lines' to options.
2007-10-26 Reiner Steib <>
* message.el (message-remove-blank-cited-lines): New function.
......@@ -1116,10 +1116,7 @@ predicate. See Info node `(gnus)Customizing Articles'."
:type gnus-article-treat-head-custom)
(put 'gnus-treat-buttonize-head 'highlight t)
(defcustom gnus-treat-emphasize
(and (or window-system
(featurep 'xemacs))
(defcustom gnus-treat-emphasize 50000
"Emphasize text.
Valid values are nil, t, `head', `first', `last', an integer or a
predicate. See Info node `(gnus)Customizing Articles'."
......@@ -1518,11 +1515,12 @@ node `(gnus)Picons' for details."
(put 'gnus-treat-newsgroups-picon 'highlight t)
(defcustom gnus-treat-body-boundary
(if (and (eq window-system 'x)
(or gnus-treat-newsgroups-picon
'head nil)
(if (or gnus-treat-newsgroups-picon
;; If there's much decoration, the user might prefer a boundery.
"Draw a boundary at the end of the headers.
Valid values are nil and `head'.
See Info node `(gnus)Customizing Articles' for details."
......@@ -6779,6 +6777,7 @@ must return `mid', `mail', `invalid' or `ask'."
(-20.0 . "\\.fsf@") ;; Gnus
(-20.0 . "^slrn")
(-20.0 . "^Pine")
(-20.0 . "^alpine\\.")
(-20.0 . "_-_") ;; Subject change in thread
(-20.0 . "\\.ln@") ;; leafnode
......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ the second with the current group name."
(defcustom gnus-message-setup-hook nil
"Hook run after setting up a message buffer."
:group 'gnus-message
:options '(message-remove-blank-cited-lines)
:type 'hook)
(defcustom gnus-bug-create-help-buffer t
......@@ -188,8 +188,8 @@ To disable checking of long signatures, for instance, add
Don't touch this variable unless you really know what you're doing.
Checks include `approved', `continuation-headers', `control-chars',
`empty', `existing-newsgroups', `from', `illegible-text',
Checks include `approved', `bogus-recipient', `continuation-headers',
`control-chars', `empty', `existing-newsgroups', `from', `illegible-text',
`invisible-text', `long-header-lines', `long-lines', `message-id',
`multiple-headers', `new-text', `newsgroups', `quoting-style',
`repeated-newsgroups', `reply-to', `sender', `sendsys', `shoot',
......@@ -3530,16 +3530,16 @@ To use this automatically, you may add this function to
(let ((citexp
(if (boundp 'message-yank-cited-prefix)
(concat message-yank-cited-prefix "\\|"))
(when (boundp 'message-yank-cited-prefix)
(concat message-yank-cited-prefix "\\|"))
"\\)+ *$"
(if remove "\n" ""))))
"\\)+ *\n"
(gnus-message 8 "removing `%s'" citexp)
(while (re-search-forward citexp nil t)
(replace-match "")))))
(replace-match (if remove "" "\n"))))))
(defvar message-cite-reply-above nil
"If non-nil, start own text above the quote.
......@@ -4020,6 +4020,12 @@ not have PROP."
(setq start next)))
(nreverse regions)))
(defcustom message-bogus-address-regexp nil ;; "noreply\\|nospam\\|invalid"
"Regexp of potentially bogus mail addresses."
:version "23.0" ;; No Gnus
:group 'message-headers
:type 'regexp)
(defun message-fix-before-sending ()
"Do various things to make the message nice before sending it."
;; Make sure there's a newline at the end of the message.
......@@ -4102,7 +4108,54 @@ not have PROP."
(when (eq choice ?r)
(insert message-replacement-char))))
(skip-chars-forward mm-7bit-chars))))))
(skip-chars-forward mm-7bit-chars)))))
(message-check 'bogus-recipient
;; Warn before composing or sending a mail to an invalid address.
(defun message-bogus-recipient-p (recipients)
"Check if a mail address in RECIPIENTS looks bogus.
RECIPIENTS is a mail header. Return a list of potentially bogus
addresses. If none is found, return nil.
An addresses might be bogus if the domain part is not fully
qualified, see `message-valid-fqdn-regexp', or if it matches
;; FIXME: How about "foo@subdomain", when the MTA adds ".domain.tld"?
(let (found)
(mapc (lambda (address)
(setq address (cadr address))
(or (not
(not (string-match "@" address))
(concat ".@.*\\("
message-valid-fqdn-regexp "\\)\\'") address)))
(and (stringp message-bogus-address-regexp)
(string-match message-bogus-address-regexp address)))
(push address found)))
(mail-extract-address-components recipients t))
(defun message-check-recipients ()
"Warn before composing or sending a mail to an invalid address.
This function could be useful in `message-setup-hook'."
(dolist (hdr '("To" "Cc" "Bcc"))
(let ((addr (message-fetch-field hdr)))
(when (stringp addr)
(dolist (bog (message-bogus-recipient-p addr))
(and bog
(not (y-or-n-p
"Address `%s' might be bogus. Continue? " bog)))
(error "Bogus address."))))))))
(defun message-add-action (action &rest types)
"Add ACTION to be performed when doing an exit of type TYPES."
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