Commit 439e8af4 authored by Ken Raeburn's avatar Ken Raeburn
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(general_insert_function): Insertion function now

takes pointer to const for input data.
parent 77be52b7
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ static Lisp_Object region_limit P_ ((int));
static int lisp_time_argument P_ ((Lisp_Object, time_t *, int *));
static size_t emacs_memftimeu P_ ((char *, size_t, const char *,
size_t, const struct tm *, int));
static void general_insert_function P_ ((void (*) (unsigned char *, int),
static void general_insert_function P_ ((void (*) (const unsigned char *, int),
void (*) (Lisp_Object, int, int, int,
int, int),
int, int, Lisp_Object *));
......@@ -1901,7 +1901,7 @@ set_time_zone_rule (tzstring)
static void
general_insert_function (insert_func, insert_from_string_func,
inherit, nargs, args)
void (*insert_func) P_ ((unsigned char *, int));
void (*insert_func) P_ ((const unsigned char *, int));
void (*insert_from_string_func) P_ ((Lisp_Object, int, int, int, int, int));
int inherit, nargs;
register Lisp_Object *args;
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