Commit 43d5aa68 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(gnus-sortable-date): Use timezone-make-time-string.

parent 877b578f
......@@ -5221,14 +5221,13 @@ If case-fold-search is non-nil, case of letters is ignored."
(defun gnus-sortable-date (date)
"Make sortable string by string-lessp from DATE.
Timezone package is used."
(let* ((date (timezone-parse-date date)) ;[Y M D T]
(year (string-to-int (aref date 0)))
(month (string-to-int (aref date 1)))
(day (string-to-int (aref date 2)))
(time (aref date 3))) ;HH:MM:SS
;; Timezone package is used. But, we don't have to care about
;; the timezone since article's timezones are always GMT.
(timezone-make-sortable-date year month day time)
(let* ((date (timezone-fix-time date nil nil)) ;[Y M D H M S]
(year (aref date 0))
(month (aref date 1))
(day (aref date 2)))
(timezone-make-sortable-date year month day
(aref date 3) (aref date 4) (aref date 5)))
;;(defun gnus-sortable-date (date)
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