Commit 43e5817f authored by Andrew Innes's avatar Andrew Innes

(LOCAL_FLAGS): Define USE_CRT_DLL if requested.

(LINK_FLAGS): Append to original value of LINK_FLAGS.
parent 473ddaa9
......@@ -36,6 +36,11 @@ LOCAL_FLAGS = -Demacs=1 -DWINDOWSNT -DDOS_NT -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I..\nt\inc
!ifdef NTGUI
!ifdef USE_CRT_DLL
libc = msvcrt.lib
LINK_FLAGS = -nodefaultlib
# From MSVC 5.0 onwards, it seem base relocation information is not included,
# at least in release builds. We need to ensure the reloc info is included
......@@ -68,9 +73,9 @@ TLASTLIB = $(BLD)\lastfile.lib
# see comments in allocate_heap in w32heap.c before changing any of the
# -stack, -heap, or -base settings.
!if "$(BUILD_TYPE)" == "spd"
LINK_FLAGS = $(ARCH_LDFLAGS) -stack:0x00800000 -heap:0x00100000 -base:0x01000000 -debug:full -debugtype:both -pdb:$(BLD)\temacs.pdb -machine:$(ARCH) -subsystem:$(SUBSYSTEM) -entry:_start -map:$(BLD)\ -swaprun:net -swaprun:cd
LINK_FLAGS = $(LINK_FLAGS) $(ARCH_LDFLAGS) -stack:0x00800000 -heap:0x00100000 -base:0x01000000 -debug:full -debugtype:both -pdb:$(BLD)\temacs.pdb -machine:$(ARCH) -subsystem:$(SUBSYSTEM) -entry:_start -map:$(BLD)\ -swaprun:net -swaprun:cd
LINK_FLAGS = $(ARCH_LDFLAGS) -stack:0x00800000 -heap:0x00100000 -base:0x01000000 -debug:full -debugtype:both -pdb:none -machine:$(ARCH) -subsystem:$(SUBSYSTEM) -entry:_start -map:$(BLD)\ -swaprun:net -swaprun:cd $(EXTRA_LINK)
LINK_FLAGS = $(LINK_FLAGS) $(ARCH_LDFLAGS) -stack:0x00800000 -heap:0x00100000 -base:0x01000000 -debug:full -debugtype:both -pdb:none -machine:$(ARCH) -subsystem:$(SUBSYSTEM) -entry:_start -map:$(BLD)\ -swaprun:net -swaprun:cd $(EXTRA_LINK)
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