Commit 43f5aea1 authored by John Wiegley's avatar John Wiegley
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(timeclock-use-elapsed): Added a new variable, which causes timeclock

to report elapsed time worked, instead of just work remaining.
parent d070a65d
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@
:group 'timeclock)
(defcustom timeclock-relative t
"*Whether to maken reported time relative to `timeclock-workday'.
"*Whether to make reported time relative to `timeclock-workday'.
For example, if the length of a normal workday is eight hours, and you
work four hours on Monday, then the amount of time \"remaining\" on
Tuesday is twelve hours -- relative to an averaged work period of
......@@ -251,7 +251,10 @@ each day.")
This value is not accurate enough to be useful by itself. Rather,
call `timeclock-workday-elapsed', to determine how much time has been
worked so far today. Also, if `timeclock-relative' is nil, this value
will be the same as `timeclock-discrepancy'.") ; ? gm
will be the same as `timeclock-discrepancy'.")
(defvar timeclock-use-elapsed nil
"Non-nil if the modeline should display time elapsed, not remaining.")
(defvar timeclock-last-period nil
"Integer representing the number of seconds in the last period.
......@@ -424,7 +427,9 @@ If SHOW-SECONDS is non-nil, display second resolution.
If TODAY-ONLY is non-nil, the display will be relative only to time
worked today, ignoring the time worked on previous days."
(interactive "P")
(let ((remainder (timeclock-workday-remaining)) ; today-only?
(let ((remainder (timeclock-workday-remaining
(or today-only
(not timeclock-relative))))
(last-in (equal (car timeclock-last-event) "i"))
(setq status
......@@ -619,7 +624,10 @@ relative only to the time worked today, and not to past time."
The value of `timeclock-relative' affects the display as described in
that variable's documentation."
(let ((remainder (timeclock-workday-remaining (not timeclock-relative)))
(let ((remainder
(if timeclock-use-elapsed
(timeclock-workday-remaining (not timeclock-relative))))
(last-in (equal (car timeclock-last-event) "i")))
(when (and (< remainder 0)
(not (and timeclock-day-over
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