Commit 44038dc8 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(compilation-find-file): Add a big comment.

parent 2ed8e1f7
......@@ -1863,7 +1863,24 @@ Pop up the buffer containing MARKER and scroll to MARKER if we ask the user."
(let* ((name (read-file-name
(format "Find this %s in (default %s): "
compilation-error filename)
spec-dir filename t nil))
spec-dir filename t nil
;; The predicate below is fine when called from
;; minibuffer-complete-and-exit, but it's too
;; restrictive otherwise, since it also prevents the
;; user from completing "fo" to "foo/" when she
;; wants to enter "foo/bar".
;; Try to make sure the user can only select
;; a valid answer. This predicate may be ignored,
;; tho, so we still have to double-check afterwards.
;; TODO: We should probably fix read-file-name so
;; that it never ignores this predicate, even when
;; using popup dialog boxes.
;; (lambda (name)
;; (if (file-directory-p name)
;; (setq name (expand-file-name filename name)))
;; (file-exists-p name))
(origname name))
((not (file-exists-p name))
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