Commit 440756f0 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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*** empty log message ***

parent 0e78bb62
......@@ -662,6 +662,15 @@ The generated code is inserted on prologue part."
(defconst ps-mule-prologue
"%%%% Start of Mule Section
/Latin1Encoding { % newname fontname | font
findfont dup length dict begin
{ 1 index /FID ne { def } { pop pop } ifelse } forall
/Encoding ISOLatin1Encoding def
} bind def
%% Redefine fonts for multiple charsets.
/ReDefFont { % fontname encoding fdepvector size | -
20 dict begin
......@@ -678,7 +687,7 @@ The generated code is inserted on prologue part."
end % fontname dic
definefont pop
} def
} bind def
"PostScript code for printing multi-byte characters.")
......@@ -1293,8 +1302,9 @@ This checks if all multi-byte characters in the region are printable or not."
(list (if (ps-mule-font-spec-src (cdr (car font-spec-alist)))
;; We ignore a font specfied in ps-font-info-database.
(format "/V%s VTOP%d def\n" fonttag font-type)
(format "/V%s [ VTOP%d aload pop ] def V%s 0 /%s findfont put\n"
fonttag font-type fonttag ps-font))
(format "/V%s [ VTOP%d aload pop ] def\n
V%s 0 /%s-latin1 /%s Latin1Encoding put\n"
fonttag font-type fonttag ps-font ps-font))
(format "/%s ETOP%d V%s %f ReDefFont\n"
fonttag font-type fonttag size)))))
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