Commit 440bafef authored by Ken Raeburn's avatar Ken Raeburn

Write updated loaddefs to a temporary file and rename into place.

In a parallel build, byte compilation can be running at the same times
as loaddefs.el is being regenerated.  However, in a CANNOT_DUMP build,
loaddefs.el is read at startup and must always be in a usable state.

* lisp/ ($(lisp)/loaddefs.el): Write generated output to and then rename it to loaddefs.el.
parent e3c15342
......@@ -179,14 +179,18 @@ $(lisp)/finder-inf.el:
# Note that we set no-update-autoloads in _generated_ leim files.
# If you want to allow autoloads in such files, remove that,
# and make this depend on leim.
# Write to a temporary file in case we're doing a parallel build and a
# CANNOT_DUMP-mode Emacs needs to read loaddefs at startup.
autoloads .PHONY: $(lisp)/loaddefs.el
$(lisp)/loaddefs.el: $(LOADDEFS)
@echo Directories for loaddefs: ${SUBDIRS_ALMOST}
$(AM_V_GEN)$(emacs) -l autoload \
--eval '(setq autoload-ensure-writable t)' \
--eval '(setq autoload-builtin-package-versions t)' \
--eval '(setq generated-autoload-file (expand-file-name (unmsys--file-name "$@")))' \
--eval '(setq generated-autoload-file (expand-file-name (unmsys--file-name "$(lisp)/loaddefs.tmp")))' \
-f batch-update-autoloads ${SUBDIRS_ALMOST}
mv -f $(lisp)/loaddefs.tmp $@
# autoloads only runs when loaddefs.el is nonexistent, although it
# generates a number of different files. Provide a force option to enable
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