Commit 442fe111 authored by Wilson Snyder's avatar Wilson Snyder
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Fix various verilog-mode.el issues.

* lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el (verilog-expand-dirnames): Fix expanding
"*/*", msg2284. Reported by Jonathan Ferguson.
(ignore-errors): Fix ignore-errors error on Emacs 22.3, bug1177. Reported
by Victor Lau.
(verilog-getopt, verilog-getopt-file) (verilog-library-flags,
verilog-substitute-file-name-path): Support -F in verilog getopt files,
bug1171. Reported by George Cuan.
(verilog-do-indent): Fix misindenting symbols starting with t,
bug1169. Reported by Hoai Tran.
(verilog-read-auto-template-middle): Fix slow template matching on
AUTOINST. Reported by Jeffrey Huynh.
(verilog-pretty-expr): The extra whitespace addition before "=" operators
is now done only if the whole assignment block contains the 2-character
"<=" operator.  Remove the unused argument _myre.  Use `unless',
`save-excursion' and `when' functions where possible.  Internal variables
refactored for clarity.  Follow elisp convention for closing parentheses.
By Kaushal Modi.
(verilog-get-lineup-indent-2): Update docstring.  Internal variables
refactored for clarity.  Earlier EDPOS argument was expected to be a
marker; it is now renamed to END and is now expected to be a position.
Use `when' instead of `if'.  By Kaushal Modi.
(electric-verilog-terminate-line): Remove the unused second argument from
`verilog-pretty-expr' call.  By Kaushal Modi.
(verilog-calc-1): Fix indentation of a virtual class definition after a
typedef class, bug1080.  By Kaushal Modi.
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