Commit 4439cce1 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(Info-default-directory-list): Add sysdir last.

parent 83bc1919
......@@ -43,12 +43,15 @@
;; Typically on a GNU system, installed info files are found
;; in /usr/info, but the default prefix is /usr/local.
;; (Standalone info has a long list of alternative
;; directories to search; perhaps we should try to be more
;; consistent.)
(usrdir "/usr/info")
(sysdir (and (file-directory-p usrdir)
(not (string= configure-info-directory usrdir))
(list usrdir)))
(configdir (file-name-as-directory configure-info-directory)))
(setq start (nconc sysdir start (list configdir)))
(setq start (nconc start (list configdir) sysdir))
"Default list of directories to search for Info documentation files.
They are searched in the order they are given in the list.
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