Commit 445a653e authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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(secondary-selection): Make foreground visible on tty.

parent 6fee86a3
2000-10-08 Miles Bader <>
* faces.el (secondary-selection): Make foreground visible on tty.
* jka-compr.el (auto-compression-mode): Move to the end of the
file, because `define-minor-mode' actually calls the mode-function
if the associated variable is non-nil, which requires that all
......@@ -1664,7 +1664,7 @@ created."
(defface secondary-selection
'((((type tty) (class color))
(:background "cyan"))
(:background "cyan" :foreground "black"))
(((class color) (background light))
(:background "yellow"))
(((class color) (background dark))
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