Commit 4464514e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(split-window-vertically): Don't change point in old

window if both the original point and the end of the buffer are
visible after splitting, when split-window-keep-point is nil.
parent b39da8b1
......@@ -167,7 +167,8 @@ new mode line."
(let ((old-w (selected-window))
(old-point (point))
(size (and arg (prefix-numeric-value arg)))
new-w bottom switch)
(window-full-p nil)
new-w bottom switch moved)
(and size (< size 0) (setq size (+ (window-height) size)))
(setq new-w (split-window nil size))
(or split-window-keep-point
......@@ -175,15 +176,20 @@ new mode line."
(set-buffer (window-buffer))
(goto-char (window-start))
(vertical-motion (window-height))
(setq moved (vertical-motion (window-height)))
(set-window-start new-w (point))
(if (> (point) (window-point new-w))
(set-window-point new-w (point)))
(vertical-motion -1)
(and (= moved (window-height))
(setq window-full-p t)
(vertical-motion -1)))
(setq bottom (point)))
(if (<= bottom (point))
(and window-full-p
(<= bottom (point))
(set-window-point old-w (1- bottom)))
(if (< (window-start new-w) old-point)
(and window-full-p
(<= (window-start new-w) old-point)
(set-window-point new-w old-point)
(select-window new-w)))))
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