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(Eval During Compile): Fix a typo. Add index entries for possible uses of

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......@@ -435,15 +435,16 @@ compiler becomes a constant which appears in the compiled program. If
you load the source file, rather than compiling it, @var{body} is
evaluated normally.
@cindex compile-time constant
If you have a constant that needs some calculation to produce,
@code{eval-when-compile} can do that done at compile-time. For
@code{eval-when-compile} can do that at compile-time. For example,
(defvar my-regexp
(eval-when-compile (regexp-opt '("aaa" "aba" "abb"))))
@end lisp
@cindex macros, at compile time
If you're using another package, but only need macros from it (the
byte compiler will expand those), then @code{eval-when-compile} can be
used to load it for compiling, but not executing. For example,
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