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Fix previous revision (2014-06-12T15:54:37Z!

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......@@ -668,14 +668,14 @@ POSITION is as documented in the function `key-binding'."
;; The user might want to know in which map the binding is
;; found, or in which map the remapping is found. The
;; default is to show the latter.
(key-binding-keymap (vector 'remap found))
(help--key-binding-keymap (vector 'remap found))
(defun help--binding-locus (key position)
"Describe in which keymap KEY is defined.
Return a symbol pointing to that keymap if one exists ; otherwise
return nil."
(let ((map (key-binding-keymap key t nil position)))
(let ((map (help--key-binding-keymap key t nil position)))
(when map
(catch 'found
(let ((advertised-syms (nconc
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