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Replace movement variables with an alist and accessor

* lisp/play/dunnet.el (north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast):
(northwest, southwest, up, down, in, out): Remove.
(dun-movement-alist): New constant.
(dun-movement): New function.
(dun-n, dun-s, dun-e, dun-w, dun-ne, dun-se, dun-nw, dun-sw, dun-up):
(dun-down, dun-in, dun-out): Use a symbol for indicating movement.
(dun-move, dun-special-move): Translate movement symbol to an
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......@@ -644,18 +644,20 @@ A hole leads north."
(defvar dun-mode 'moby)
(defvar dun-sauna-level 0)
(defconst north 0)
(defconst south 1)
(defconst east 2)
(defconst west 3)
(defconst northeast 4)
(defconst southeast 5)
(defconst northwest 6)
(defconst southwest 7)
(defconst up 8)
(defconst down 9)
(defconst in 10)
(defconst out 11)
(defconst dun-movement-alist
'((north . 0)
(south . 1)
(east . 2)
(west . 3)
(northeast . 4)
(southeast . 5)
(northwest . 6)
(southwest . 7)
(up . 8)
(down . 9)
(in . 10)
(out . 11))
"Alist enumerating movement directions.")
(defconst dungeon-map
;; no so ea we ne se nw sw up do in ot
......@@ -1645,41 +1647,45 @@ just try dropping it.")
;;; Various movement directions
(defun dun-movement (dir)
"Return enumeral of movement symbol DIR."
(cdr (assq dir dun-movement-alist)))
(defun dun-n (_args)
(dun-move north))
(dun-move 'north))
(defun dun-s (_args)
(dun-move south))
(dun-move 'south))
(defun dun-e (_args)
(dun-move east))
(dun-move 'east))
(defun dun-w (_args)
(dun-move west))
(dun-move 'west))
(defun dun-ne (_args)
(dun-move northeast))
(dun-move 'northeast))
(defun dun-se (_args)
(dun-move southeast))
(dun-move 'southeast))
(defun dun-nw (_args)
(dun-move northwest))
(dun-move 'northwest))
(defun dun-sw (_args)
(dun-move southwest))
(dun-move 'southwest))
(defun dun-up (_args)
(dun-move up))
(dun-move 'up))
(defun dun-down (_args)
(dun-move down))
(dun-move 'down))
(defun dun-in (_args)
(dun-move in))
(dun-move 'in))
(defun dun-out (_args)
(dun-move out))
(dun-move 'out))
(defun dun-go (args)
(if (or (not (car args))
......@@ -1701,6 +1707,7 @@ just try dropping it.")
"You trip over a grue and fall into a pit and break every bone in your
(dun-die "a grue"))
(setq dir (dun-movement dir))
(let (newroom)
(setq newroom (nth dir (nth dun-current-room dungeon-map)))
(if (eq newroom -1)
......@@ -1776,12 +1783,14 @@ force throws you out. The train speeds away.\n")
(setq dun-current-room meadow)
(dun-mprincl "You don't have a key that can open this door.")))
(if (and (= dun-current-room maze-button-room) (= dir northwest))
(if (and (= dun-current-room maze-button-room)
(= dir (dun-movement 'northwest)))
(if (member obj-weight (nth maze-button-room dun-room-objects))
(setq dun-current-room 18)
(dun-mprincl "You can't go that way.")))
(if (and (= dun-current-room maze-button-room) (= dir up))
(if (and (= dun-current-room maze-button-room)
(= dir (dun-movement 'up)))
(if (member obj-weight (nth maze-button-room dun-room-objects))
(dun-mprincl "You can't go that way.")
(setq dun-current-room weight-room)))
......@@ -1807,11 +1816,12 @@ engulf you, and you burn to death.")
(setq dun-current-room long-n-s-hallway)
(dun-mprincl "You can't go that way.")))
(if (and (> dir down) (> dun-current-room gamma-computing-center)
(if (and (> dir (dun-movement 'down))
(> dun-current-room gamma-computing-center)
(< dun-current-room museum-lobby))
(if (not (member obj-bus (nth dun-current-room dun-room-objects)))
(dun-mprincl "You can't go that way.")
(if (= dir in)
(if (= dir (dun-movement 'in))
(if dun-inbus
"You are already in the bus!")
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