Commit 44ac2d3e authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(system-type): Doc fix.

parent ebff2353
2008-07-16 Glenn Morris <>
* paths.el (rmail-spool-directory): Remove settings for systems that are
no longer supported.
* frame.el (ns-initialize-window-system): Declare for compiler.
* term/ns-win.el: Add numerous declarations for compiler.
(ns-pop-up-frames): Move definition before use. Doc fix.
2008-07-16 Glenn Morris <>
* emacs.c (system-type): Doc fix.
2008-07-15 Stefan Monnier <>
* keyboard.c (parse_menu_item): Don't use cachelist, even under NS.
......@@ -2508,14 +2508,13 @@ Many arguments are deleted from the list as they are processed. */);
DEFVAR_LISP ("system-type", &Vsystem_type,
doc: /* Value is symbol indicating type of operating system you are using.
Special values:
`gnu' compiled for a GNU Hurd system.
`gnu/linux' compiled for a GNU/Linux system.
`darwin' compiled for Darwin (GNU-Darwin, Mac OS X, ...).
`macos' compiled for Mac OS 9.
`ms-dos' compiled as an MS-DOS application.
`windows-nt' compiled as a native W32 application.
`cygwin' compiled using the Cygwin library.
`vax-vms' or
`axp-vms' compiled for a (Open)VMS system.
`vax-vms' compiled for a (Open)VMS system.
Anything else indicates some sort of Unix system. */);
Vsystem_type = intern (SYSTEM_TYPE);
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