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(edebug-eval-defun): Make doc string

similar to that of eval-defun.
parent f4d19545
......@@ -516,11 +516,23 @@ also dependent on the values of `edebug-all-defs' and
(defun edebug-eval-defun (edebug-it)
"Evaluate the top-level form containing point, or after point.
This version, from Edebug, has the following differences: With a
prefix argument instrument the code for Edebug. If `edebug-all-defs' is
non-nil, then the code is instrumented *unless* there is a prefix
argument. If instrumenting, it prints: `Edebug: FUNCTIONNAME'.
Otherwise, it prints in the minibuffer."
If the current defun is actually a call to `defvar', then reset the
variable using its initial value expression even if the variable
already has some other value. (Normally `defvar' does not change the
variable's value if it already has a value.)
With a prefix argument, instrument the code for Edebug.
Setting `edebug-all-defs' to a non-nil value reverses the meaning of
the prefix argument. Code is then instrumented when this function is
invoked without a prefix argument
If acting on a `defun' for FUNCTION, and the function was
instrumented, `Edebug: FUNCTION' is printed in the minibuffer. If not
instrumented, just FUNCTION is printed.
If not acting on a `defun', the result of evaluation is displayed in
the minibuffer."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((edebugging (not (eq (not edebug-it) (not edebug-all-defs))))
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