Commit 44c971bb authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* test/ (ELFILES): Sort, for a reproducible order.

parent 55ac7505
......@@ -156,11 +156,11 @@ else
maybe_exclude_module_tests := -name emacs-module-tests.el -prune -o
ELFILES := $(shell find ${srcdir} -path "${srcdir}/manual" -prune -o \
ELFILES := $(sort $(shell find ${srcdir} -path "${srcdir}/manual" -prune -o \
-path "${srcdir}/data" -prune -o \
-name "*resources" -prune -o \
${maybe_exclude_module_tests} \
-name "*.el" ! -name ".*" -print)
-name "*.el" ! -name ".*" -print))
## .log files may be in a different directory for out of source builds
LOGFILES := $(patsubst %.el,%.log, \
$(patsubst $(srcdir)/%,%,$(ELFILES)))
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