Commit 44d42562 authored by Gareth Rees's avatar Gareth Rees Committed by Stefan Monnier

Fixes: debbugs:19820

* etc/NEWS.24: Fix typo
parent 42c99697
2015-02-09 Gareth Rees <> (tiny change)
* NEWS.24: Fix typo (bug#19820)
2015-02-08 Artur Malabarba <>
* NEWS: Document `comment-line'.
......@@ -3555,7 +3555,7 @@ frame or window as an Elisp object.
*** New variable `completion-extra-properties' used to specify extra
properties of the current completion:
- :annotate-function, same as the old completion-annotate-function.
- :annotation-function, same as the old completion-annotate-function.
- :exit-function, function to call after completion took place.
*** Functions on `completion-at-point-functions' can return any of the
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