Commit 44d57792 authored by Alexander Gramiak's avatar Alexander Gramiak

Introduce Emacs_Pixmap typedef

* src/dispextern.h [HAVE_X_WINDOWS]: Alias Emacs_Pixmap to Pixmap.
(image, x_kill_gs_process): Use Emacs_Pixmap over Pixmap.

* src/image.c:

* src/nsgui.h:
* src/nsterm.m:
* src/termhooks.h:
* src/w32gui.h:
* src/w32term.c:
* src/w32term.h:
* src/xterm.c (x_free_pixmap): Use Emacs_Pixmap over Pixmap.

* src/w32gui.h: Remove unused typedef Bitmap.
parent 06db2a05
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>. */
typedef XColor Emacs_Color;
typedef Cursor Emacs_Cursor;
#define No_Cursor (None)
typedef Pixmap Emacs_Pixmap;
#else /* !HAVE_X_WINDOWS */
......@@ -86,7 +87,7 @@ typedef HDC XImagePtr_or_DC;
#define FACE_COLOR_TO_PIXEL(face_color, frame) ns_color_index_to_rgba(face_color, frame)
/* Following typedef needed to accommodate the MSDOS port, believe it or not. */
typedef struct ns_display_info Display_Info;
typedef Pixmap XImagePtr;
typedef Emacs_Pixmap XImagePtr;
typedef XImagePtr XImagePtr_or_DC;
#define FACE_COLOR_TO_PIXEL(face_color, frame) face_color
......@@ -2960,7 +2961,7 @@ struct image
struct timespec timestamp;
/* Pixmaps of the image. */
Pixmap pixmap, mask;
Emacs_Pixmap pixmap, mask;
#ifdef USE_CAIRO
void *cr_data;
......@@ -3371,7 +3372,7 @@ extern void x_create_bitmap_mask (struct frame *, ptrdiff_t);
extern Lisp_Object image_find_image_file (Lisp_Object);
void x_kill_gs_process (Pixmap, struct frame *);
void x_kill_gs_process (Emacs_Pixmap, struct frame *);
struct image_cache *make_image_cache (void);
void free_image_cache (struct frame *);
void clear_image_caches (Lisp_Object);
......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ image_create_bitmap_from_data (struct frame *f, char *bits,
Lisp_Object frame UNINIT; /* The value is not used. */
Pixmap bitmap;
Emacs_Pixmap bitmap;
bitmap = CreateBitmap (width, height,
FRAME_DISPLAY_INFO (XFRAME (frame))->n_planes,
FRAME_DISPLAY_INFO (XFRAME (frame))->n_cbits,
......@@ -412,7 +412,8 @@ typedef void Picture;
static bool image_create_x_image_and_pixmap_1 (struct frame *, int, int, int,
XImagePtr *, Pixmap *, Picture *);
XImagePtr *, Emacs_Pixmap *,
Picture *);
static void image_destroy_x_image (XImagePtr ximg);
......@@ -2036,17 +2037,18 @@ image_check_image_size (XImagePtr ximg, int width, int height)
/* Create an XImage and a pixmap of size WIDTH x HEIGHT for use on
frame F. Set *XIMG and *PIXMAP to the XImage and Pixmap created.
Set (*XIMG)->data to a raster of WIDTH x HEIGHT pixels allocated
via xmalloc. Print error messages via image_error if an error
occurs. Value is true if successful.
frame F. Set *XIMG and *PIXMAP to the XImage and Emacs_Pixmap
created. Set (*XIMG)->data to a raster of WIDTH x HEIGHT pixels
allocated via xmalloc. Print error messages via image_error if an
error occurs. Value is true if successful.
On W32, a DEPTH of zero signifies a 24 bit image, otherwise DEPTH
should indicate the bit depth of the image. */
static bool
image_create_x_image_and_pixmap_1 (struct frame *f, int width, int height, int depth,
XImagePtr *ximg, Pixmap *pixmap, Picture *picture)
XImagePtr *ximg, Emacs_Pixmap *pixmap,
Picture *picture)
Display *display = FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f);
......@@ -2256,7 +2258,7 @@ image_destroy_x_image (XImagePtr ximg)
are width and height of both the image and pixmap. */
static void
gui_put_x_image (struct frame *f, XImagePtr ximg, Pixmap pixmap,
gui_put_x_image (struct frame *f, XImagePtr ximg, Emacs_Pixmap pixmap,
int width, int height)
......@@ -9539,7 +9541,7 @@ gs_load (struct frame *f, struct image *img)
telling Emacs that Ghostscript has finished drawing. */
x_kill_gs_process (Pixmap pixmap, struct frame *f)
x_kill_gs_process (Emacs_Pixmap pixmap, struct frame *f)
struct image_cache *c = FRAME_IMAGE_CACHE (f);
ptrdiff_t i;
......@@ -96,9 +96,9 @@ typedef XGCValues * GC;
#define GCFont 0x03
#ifdef __OBJC__
typedef id Pixmap;
typedef id Emacs_Pixmap;
typedef void *Pixmap;
typedef void *Emacs_Pixmap;
#ifdef __OBJC__
......@@ -4972,7 +4972,7 @@ in certain situations (rapid incoming events).
========================================================================== */
static void
ns_free_pixmap (struct frame *_f, Pixmap pixmap)
ns_free_pixmap (struct frame *_f, Emacs_Pixmap pixmap)
ns_release_object (pixmap);
......@@ -744,7 +744,7 @@ struct terminal
/* Image hooks */
/* Free the pixmap PIXMAP on F. */
void (*free_pixmap) (struct frame *f, Pixmap pixmap);
void (*free_pixmap) (struct frame *f, Emacs_Pixmap pixmap);
......@@ -39,8 +39,7 @@ typedef struct _XGCValues
#define GCBackground 0x02
#define GCFont 0x03
typedef HBITMAP Pixmap;
typedef HBITMAP Bitmap;
typedef HBITMAP Emacs_Pixmap;
typedef XGCValues * GC;
typedef HWND Window;
......@@ -6947,7 +6947,7 @@ w32_toggle_invisible_pointer (struct frame *f, bool invisible)
static void
w32_free_pixmap (struct frame *_f, Pixmap pixmap)
w32_free_pixmap (struct frame *_f, Emacs_Pixmap pixmap)
DeleteObject (pixmap);
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ extern BOOL bUseDflt;
struct w32_bitmap_record
Pixmap pixmap;
Emacs_Pixmap pixmap;
char *file;
HINSTANCE hinst; /* Used to load the file */
int refcount;
......@@ -12161,7 +12161,7 @@ x_check_font (struct frame *f, struct font *font)
static void
x_free_pixmap (struct frame *f, Pixmap pixmap)
x_free_pixmap (struct frame *f, Emacs_Pixmap pixmap)
XFreePixmap (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), pixmap);
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