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2000-02-04 Carsten Dominik <>
* textmodes/reftex.el (reftex-compile-variables): regexp-quote the
environment names before they go into the section regexp.
* textmodes/reftex-global.el (reftex-change-label): add `A-Z' to
char class in regexp.
* textmodes/reftex-parse.el (reftex-with-special-syntax): Bind
`case-fold-search' to nil.
* progmodes/idlwave.el (idlwave-template): Respect
(idlwave-rw-case, idlwave-elif, idlwave-case, idlwave-for,
idlwave-if, idlwave-procedure, idlwave-function, idlwave-repeat,
idlwave-while): respect `idlwave-reserved-word-upcase'.
(idlwave-rw-case): New function.
(idlwave-statement-match): Fixed problem with assignment regexp.
(idlwave-font-lock-keywords): Improved regexp for keyword
(idlwave-surround): New argument LENGTH to support padding of
operators longer than 1 char.
* progmodes/idlw-shell.el (idlwave-shell-print): Fixed bug with
idlwave-shell-expression-overlay. Implemented printing of
expressions on higher levels of the calling stack.
(idlwave-shell-display-level-in-calling-stack): Restore stack
(idlwave-retrieve-expression-from-level): New function.
(idlwave-shell-last-calling-stack): Variable removed.
(idlwave-shell-reset): Argument action reversed (`visible' to
`hidden'). Also remove stop-line overlay.
(idlwave-shell-calling-stack-routine): New variable.
(idlwave-shell-parse-stack-and-display): Messages now display
negative level numbers.
(idlwave-shell-mode): Set `modeline-format'.
(idlwave-shell-display-line): Set `idlwave-shell-mode-line-info'.
(idlwave-shell-make-new-bp-overlay): Fixed glyph display for Emacs
(idlwave-shell-print-expression-function): New option.
* progmodes/idlw-toolbar.el (idlwave-toolbar-add-everywhere,
idlwave-toolbar-remove-everywhere): Keybindings prefix is now
`tool-bar' instead of `toolbar'.
2000-02-02 Dave Love <>
* emacs-lisp/cl.el: Use bytecomp-load-hook, not
;;; idlw-rinfo.el --- Routine Information for IDLWAVE
;; Copyright (c) 1999 Carsten Dominik
;; Copyright (c) 1999 Free Software Foundation
;; Copyright (c) 1999, 2000 Free Software Foundation
;; Author: Carsten Dominik <>
;; Version: 3.12
;; Version: 3.15
;; Keywords: languages
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
;; and procedures. This information is extracted automatically from
;; the IDL documentation.
;; Created by get_rinfo on Wed Jan 5 13:17:23 2000
;; Created by get_rinfo on Mon Jan 17 14:28:10 2000
;; IDL version: 5.3
;; Number of files scanned: 5
;; 903 syntax entries in file refguide.txt.bz2
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