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2005-03-26 Jay Belanger <>
* calc.texi (Simplifying Formulas, Rewrite Rules): Change
description of top and bottom of fraction.
(Modulo Forms): Move description of how to create modulo forms to
earlier in the section.
(Fraction Mode): Suggest using : to get a fraction by dividing.
(Basic Arithmetic): Adjust placement of command name.
(Truncating the Stack): Emphasize that "hidden" entries are still
(Installation): Move discussion of printing manual to "About This
(About This Manual): Mention how to print the manual.
(Reporting Bugs): Remove first person.
(Building Vectors): Add algebraic version of append.
(Manipulating Vectors): Fix algebraic version of calc-reverse-vector.
(Grouping Digits): Fix typo.
2005-03-25 Chong Yidong <>
* xresources.texi (X Resources): GTK options documented too.
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