Commit 44f19964 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov

* lisp/minibuffer.el (minibuffer-message-properties): New variable.

(minibuffer-message): Use it to propertize message unless already
propertized by the caller.

* lisp/simple.el (minibuffer-error-function): Propertize the error.

* lisp/isearch.el (isearch-message-properties): New variable.
(isearch--momentary-message, isearch-message-prefix)
(isearch-message-suffix): Use it.  (Bug#21112)
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......@@ -1992,13 +1992,17 @@ Turning on character-folding turns off regexp mode.")
(setq isearch-regexp (not isearch-regexp))
(if isearch-regexp (setq isearch-regexp-function nil)))
(defvar isearch-message-properties minibuffer-prompt-properties
"Text properties that are added to the isearch prompt.")
(defun isearch--momentary-message (string)
"Print STRING at the end of the isearch prompt for 1 second"
(let ((message-log-max nil))
(message "%s%s%s"
(isearch-message-prefix nil isearch-nonincremental)
(propertize (format " [%s]" string) 'face 'minibuffer-prompt)))
(apply #'propertize (format " [%s]" string)
(sit-for 1))
(isearch-define-mode-toggle lax-whitespace " " nil
......@@ -3202,18 +3206,18 @@ the word mode."
(concat " [" current-input-method-title "]: "))
": ")
(propertize (concat (isearch-lazy-count-format)
(apply #'propertize (concat (isearch-lazy-count-format)
(upcase (substring m 0 1)) (substring m 1))
'face 'minibuffer-prompt)))
(defun isearch-message-suffix (&optional c-q-hack)
(propertize (concat (if c-q-hack "^Q" "")
(apply #'propertize (concat (if c-q-hack "^Q" "")
(isearch-lazy-count-format 'suffix)
(if isearch-error
(concat " [" isearch-error "]")
(or isearch-message-suffix-add ""))
'face 'minibuffer-prompt))
(defun isearch-lazy-count-format (&optional suffix-p)
"Format the current match number and the total number of matches.
......@@ -693,6 +693,9 @@ for use at QPOS."
:link '(custom-manual "(emacs)Minibuffer")
:group 'environment)
(defvar minibuffer-message-properties nil
"Text properties added to the text shown by `minibuffer-message'.")
(defun minibuffer-message (message &rest args)
"Temporarily display MESSAGE at the end of the minibuffer.
The text is displayed for `minibuffer-message-timeout' seconds,
......@@ -714,6 +717,10 @@ If ARGS are provided, then pass MESSAGE through `format-message'."
(copy-sequence message)
(concat " [" message "]")))
(when args (setq message (apply #'format-message message args)))
(unless (or (null minibuffer-message-properties)
;; Don't overwrite the face properties the caller has set
(text-properties-at 0 message))
(setq message (apply #'propertize message minibuffer-message-properties)))
(let ((ol (make-overlay (point-max) (point-max) nil t t))
;; A quit during sit-for normally only interrupts the sit-for,
;; but since minibuffer-message is used at the end of a command,
......@@ -2459,7 +2459,8 @@ the minibuffer contents."
(let ((inhibit-message t))
(message "%s%s" (if caller (format "%s: " caller) "") string))
;; Display an error message at the end of the minibuffer.
(minibuffer-message (concat context string))))
(minibuffer-message (apply #'propertize (format " [%s%s]" context string)
;Put this on C-x u, so we can force that rather than C-_ into startup msg
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