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NEWS tweak.

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......@@ -1147,15 +1147,17 @@ Emacs now no longer locks DIR/FILE in that case.
On file systems that do not support symbolic links, the lock is now a
regular file with contents being what would have been in the symlink.
** New functions `group-gid' and `group-real-gid'.
** The `common-substring' argument of display-completion-list is obsolete.
** The `common-substring' argument of `display-completion-list' is obsolete.
Either use `completion-all-completions' which already returns highlighted
strings (including for partial or substring completion) or call
`completion-hilit-commonality' to add the highlight.
** Changes to the Emacs Lisp Coding Conventions in Emacs 24.4
*** The package descriptor and name of global variables, constants,
and functions should be separated by two hyphens if the symbol is not
meant to be used by other packages.
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