Commit 45449f99 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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*** empty log message ***

parent d317463c
......@@ -54,19 +54,10 @@ liblw.a: $(OBJS)
#That's ok. So don't stop the build.
lwlib.o: lwlib.c
dispatch.o: dispatch.c
$(CC) -c $(ALL_CFLAGS) $*.c
$(CC) -c $(ALL_CFLAGS) $(TOOLKIT_DEFINES) $(srcdir)/lwlib.c
xrdb-cpp.o: xrdb-cpp.c
$(CC) -c $(ALL_CFLAGS) "-DCPP_PROGRAM=$(CPP)" $*.c
xrdb.o: xrdb.c
$(CC) -c $(ALL_CFLAGS) $*.c
lwlib-Xm.o: lwlib-Xm.c
$(CC) -c $(ALL_CFLAGS) $*.c
$(CC) -c $(ALL_CFLAGS) "-DCPP_PROGRAM=$(CPP)" $(srcdir)/xrdb-cpp.c
lwlib-utils.o: lwlib-utils.h
lwlib.o: lwlib.h lwlib-int.h
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